IP Office 500 v2

The IP500 V2 control unit is compatible with all IP500 base extension and Voice Compression Modules (VCM) cards as well as all external IP500 expansion modules.

IP500 V2 is a stackable unit with an optional 19” rack mounting kit and an optional wall mounting kit for smaller configurations. The control unit provides:

  • 4 slots to house a mixture of extension cards and VCM cards:
  • Digital Station 8 card. Supporting IP Office digital telephones
  • TCM8 Station card supporting select Nortel digital telephones (IP500 V2 control unit only)
  • Phone 2 and Phone 8 cards
  • VCM32 and VCM64 cards
  • 4-Port Expansion card
  • ETR6 port phone card (IP500 V2 only, North America only)
  • Combination Card with 10 VCM channels, 4 analogue trunks, 6 Digital Station (DS) and 2 Phone ports (IP500 V2 only)
  • Combination Card with 10 VCM channels, 2 BRI trunk interfaces (4 channels), 6 Digital Station (DS) and 2 Phone ports (IP500 V2 only)
  • Optional trunk card support:
  • Analogue Trunk Module 4 card
  • BRI4 and BRI8 cards (2 × 2B+D and 4 × 2B+D channels respectively)
  • Single and Dual Universal PRI cards
  • IP500 Legacy Card Carrier: this card allows up to two IP400 Trunk or VCM Cards to be used with the IP500 control unit
  • IP500 V2: 2 Slots for SD cards (System and optional) – System SD card is required for system operation as well as licensing of optional features and storage for embedded voicemail in Essential Edition.
  • 9-pin RS232 DTE Port for maintenance.
  • Support for up to 12 IP500 Expansion Modules:
  • Phone modules (16, 30)
  • Digital Station modules (16, 30) supporting IP Office telephones with RJ45 connector
  • Digital Station modules (16A, 30A) supporting Nortel telephones with RJ21 connector (IP500 V2 control unit only)
  • Analogue Trunk Module 16
  • IP500 So8 module
  • IP400 expansion modules (not WAN3 10/100 or Network Alchemy modules)
  • External output socket supporting two relay on/off switch ports, e.g. for door entry systems
  • Audio input port for external music on hold source
  • 48 Data channels
  • Up to 40 voicemail ports
  • Two 10/100 switched Ethernet ports (Layer 3)
IP Office 500 V2 Layout

IP Office Basic Edition PARTNER® Mode

The IP Office Basic Edition Partner Mode continues the evolution of communications systems for small businesses.

PARTNER Mode is designed to work directly out of the box without any programming or administration, allowing users to immediately make and place calls via analogue trunks.

PARTNER Mode provides the end user a similar desktop experience as the PARTNER ACS: e.g. 2 dedicated intercom buttons, key system functionality, Caller ID, etc. This helps minimize training requirements and provides the end user with the same comfort level they have come to expect with the PARTNER ACS system.

PARTNER Mode provides enhanced features such as Visual Voice, Remote Call Forwarding, 64-party Conferencing, SIP Trunking, Full PRI/T1 and more.

PARTNER Mode provides the same 2-digit extension numbering plan as PARTNER ACS (default), and now supports a 3-digit flexible numbering plan (extensions 100 – 599).

PARTNER Mode supports all current and “Euro” versions of PARTNER ACS telephones, the 1400 Series digital telephones, the current 3920 and 3910 wireless products, as well as most analogue devices (fax, wireless headsets, analogue telephones). The original MLS Series telephones and older wireless telephones are not supported.

PARTNER Mode also supports a new line of Avaya digital telephones – the 9500 Series telephones, and supports the Nortel T-Series and M-Series digital telephones.

PARTNER Mode includes Embedded Voicemail; providing a 2-port Automated Attendant (upgradeable to 6-ports) and voice mail coverage activated for all telephones. The Embedded Voicemail offers a variable number of hours of storage:

  • 2-ports = 15 hours of storage
  • 4-ports = 20 hours of storage
  • 6-ports = 25 hours of storage

System Capacities

PARTNER Mode supports larger telephone and trunk capacity as follows (may not be attained simultaneously):

100 Telephones:

  • Up to 100 digital telephones (1400 Series, 9500 Series, T-series and M-Series telephones)
  • Up to 100 analogue telephones
  • Up to 18 PARTNER ETR telephones (additional non ETR telephones can be added total to reach system capacity)

64 Trunks:

  • Up to 32 analogue CO lines
  • 1 PRI/T1 (24 lines)
  • Up to 20 SIP lines
  • can support up to 72 trunks, but not simultaneously

IP Office Basic Edition Mu-Law

When the IP500 V2 containing a IP Office Mu-Law SD card is first started, it will boot-up as “Basic Edition”, which has the same look and feel as PARTNER Mode, supporting out of the box operations, two intercom buttons, key system functionality, voice mailboxes on all telephones, TUI programming support, etc. “Basic Edition” makes starting and using the system quick and easy.

Users who need full IP Office Essential Edition functionality can apply the Essential edition license and the use Manager to change mode from “Basic Edition” to “Essential Edition”. Once the system reboots, it re-starts as “Essential Edition” which is the way that IP Office Essential Edition works, looks and feels in Release 7.0.