Music on Hold

Music on Hold

Customer Service Isn’t Monkey Business

Customers are the most important thing to your business – so don’t monkey them around with a poor on hold service!

94% of all advertising budget is aimed at generating inbound calls, so the on hold experience your business delivers could be the difference between a customer and a complainer; a sale and a sulker.

Here at edi Communications we don’t just install phone lines – we also offer a high quality, highly affordable music on hold service.

This could help you

  • Maximise inbound sales leads – 90% of people hang up after 40 seconds if confronted with silence or beeps
  • Enhance your corporate image – ensure your company sounds professional and reputable
  • Improve customer service – 70% of calls are placed on hold or transferred, so make the experience enjoyable
  • Inform customers about products or services they weren’t aware of
Build your Music on Hold

To find out more or for a bespoke quote, simply give us a call on 0161 371 0088 and we’ll guide you through the process!