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Find out how edi Communications can help your business

Fast & future-proofed

edi Communications can plan, design and install a structured cabling system that will allow your business to communicate efficiently with the cable and fibre infrastructures required by today's networks.

Cost-effective & scalable

Our Hosted IP Telephony solutions allow your business to make great savings on calls as well as the ability to easily add new phone numbers and extensions as and when you need to.

Comprehensive support

In addition to responding to equipment failure, we liaise with third party network providers, logging and expediting network associated problems on your behalf.

Always online

We understand that keeping in contact with customers, suppliers and colleagues is crucial - Our internet connectivity services provide a stable, fast and cost-effective solution.

Increase responsiveness

Working flexibly and responding quickly to customers is key in today's business environments. edi Communications offer mobile solutions which allow you to work effectively, wherever you are.


Whether your business is large or small, edi Communications can provide a reliable, fast and secure broadband connection which meets all your requirements.

Why Choose us?

We are able to provide a full service to allow you to communicate effectively between colleagues via a new bespoke cabling network and then out to your customers and suppliers via high-speed internet. We understand the way it should be done properly as we are communication engineers first and foremost.
Pride in our work is our ethos and that reflects in how we complete our installations. Today's network technology does not accept “that will do”and we certainly don’t. Everything we install is fully tested and demonstrated prior to handover. As a customer, if you are not happy, neither are we.
With over 40 years of telecoms careers, our senior team are engineers primarily with a vast array of experience under their belts. We have worked in almost any environment you can think of (and a few you probably haven’t !), so are well - versed in making sure your installations go as smoothly as possible with the minimum of disruption. Any of our team will be happy to help you and no question is too trivial and will always be answered with a smile!

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